Statement & Bio


As a part of a whole, of a society sharing one environment, as an individual, I am personally convinced about the significance, the influence and the ability of the environment to shape its surroundings. I am deeply concerned about the connections between the apparent function of the system, of its structures and its subseqeunt effect on its inhabitants - humans. The structures of the system - its form of governing - have different (usually preset) impacts on general society. The individuals are being raised in these artificial environments, generally considered as natural environments, which further enhance the connection between the individual and its set of values. I can see the forms of government and structures of the society as the artificial environment, therefore I use landscape installations to intentionally fabricate the environment.


Born in 1988, till the age of 19, Ondrej Chmel lived in Frydlant nad Ostravici, the Czech Republic. There in 2007 he graduated with honours at T. G. M. Grammar School. After that he moved to Glasgow, where he was dedicated for next six years to the studies of fine art at The Glasgow School of Art. After graduating with honours from fine art photography, he achieved masters of letters with distinction in 2013. Currently Ondrej lives in Prague, where he tirelessly works on the latest project - The Land of Svarog's.